An Introvert-focused Mission and Approach

The Mission

My mission is to help 30 to 50 percent of the population (introverts and shy* and highly sensitive people) succeed in the noisy and seemingly chaotic world dominated by the remaining population (extraverted people).

The What

I share information to help introverts understand themselves and obtain tips and tools to leverage their strengths and navigate the extravert world. 

The How

I distill information from scientific and popular sources to gather important insights and devise personal strategies that introverted readers can use in their lives**.

translating research into actions for introverts to grow and succeed
Photo by Laura Kapfer on Unsplash

Some Notes and Caveats

* Introverted, shy, and highly sensitive are clearly not the same traits.  Nonetheless, people with these traits can interact similarly with the world.  The information shared on this blog will usually benefit these people.

** The information and interpretations on this blog are not a substitute for professional mental health assistance. Please seek prompt help from a medical professional as you deem appropriate. Be well.

This page is consistent with Quietly Thriving’s mission, approach, and guiding principles.